2017-18 Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku, MA in Applying Arts
2007-11 Novia University of Applied Sciences, Uusikaarlepyy, BA of Culture and Arts
2006-07 Voionmaa Institute, Photography 

Solo exhibitions
2022 Water Surfaces, Photographic center Nykyaika, Tampere
2017  Hidden in Bark, Gallery Ronga, Tampere
2013  Original Sin, Gallery Kapriisi, Tampere
2012  Works, Gallery Kapriisi, Tampere
Selected groub exhibitions
2022 Who's Nature? Mikkeli Art Museum, Mikkeli
2021  Who's Nature? Jyväskylä Art Museum, Jyväskylä 
2021  Who's Nature? Kunsthalle Turku, Turku
2021  Who's Nature Northern Photographic Centre, Oulu
2021  Who's Nature? Ostrobothnian Photographic Centre, Lapua
2020  Backlight photo festival, Visual Catalyst, Kulttuuritalo Laikku, Tampere 
2018  Näkymä, Environmental art event, Akaa
2016  Here’s To Us, Gallery G.R.O, Pietarsaari
2016  Symbiosis, Bothnia Biennale, Ostrobothnia Photographic centre, Lapua
2015  Anima Mundi, Photographic Centre Atitlan, Guatemala
2013  Works, Gallery Vingen, Stockholm, Sweden 
2013  The Allure of light, Lahti Art Museum, Lahti
2012  Före Detta, Gallery G.R.O, Pietarsaari, Finland 
2012  Artfair Suomi 2012, Cable Factory, Finland 
2012  Sin, Photographic centre Peri, Finland 
2011  The Art of being a Human, Photographic centre Peri, Turku
2011  RE:search, Vaasa art hall, Finland 
2010  Origo, Galleria Zebra, Karjaa
2010  Äkta Vara, Ostrobothnia Photographic centre, Lapua, Finland 
Community Art Projects
2018 We are all connected, environmental art, Sorsapuisto, Tampere 
2018 Algae performance, Tullinaukio, Tampere
2018 Giant Balsam, environmental art, Tampere
2017 Iceberg-performance, Tampere
2017 My everyday life, photography project, Tampere
Public works
Malmska Municipal Health Care Center and Hospital, Pietarsaari
The Collection of Finnish State Art Commission, Helsinki
Selected Publications and Articles 
2020 Visual Catalyst, Visuaaliset Katalyytit, Cicat 2025, ISBN: 978-952-7266-49-6
2018 Shutr. photo Magazine, NR.4, pages 66-73, 
2017 EYE- Photo Magazine, Issue 03, pages 82-87
2016 Blur Magazine, Issue 51, pages 180-192
2016 F-Stop Magazine, Human body, Issue no. 79
2016 Silvershotz Photography Magazine, portfolio review, Volume 10
2013 The Allure of light, exhibition catalogue ISBN 978-951-827-179-9 
2010 Äkta vara – Aitoa kamaa, exhibition catalogue ISBN 978-952-5839-04-3
2009 Dubbelsidigt // Kaksipuolista, exhibition catalogue ISBN 978-952-5839-00-5
Association of Photographic Artist 

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